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In 2023 our members donated
245 982 GBP
(or 285 459 EURO) to charity projects through Norstatpanel
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The way we work
About Norstat

Norstat is the leading independent European data collector for market research.

We collect data in a variety of ways, both online and offline, self-reported and automatic.

Norstat has offices in 15 European countries and has data collection capabilities in 19 countries in total. Together with partners we are able to collect data globally.

The backbone of our data collection capabilities are our consumer panels. Norstat has access to over 3 million consumers and decision makers that provides us with high quality data. The information we gather gives our clients access to valuable answers and helps them make qualified decisions.

By participating in
surveys I can use
my Norstat Points
to plant trees.
A few minutes
of my time leads
to actions where
it is needed.
Ludmilla P.

I am interested in
both market research
and statistics. I find it
interesting to participate
in surveys and see
that my opinions are
of value for others.
Colin F.

I like that I can
express my
opinions and
influence the
development of
new products
and services.
Carla L.

What I like most
about Norstatpanel,
is the fact that I can
do surveys when it
suits me, at home
on the couch or when
I'm waiting for the bus.
Rupert F.

I like how the
loyalty program works.
It's always exciting
to see what a
new membership
level brings.
Kathrin L.