About Norstatpanel and Online Surveys

About Norstatpanel

Norstatpanel is a project of Norstat UK Ltd., a provider of online market research services. Norstat UK Ltd. collects data by means of online surveys from online access panels - a group of registered internet users who have agreed to take part in market research surveys and opinion polls at regular or irregular intervals.

Membership with Norstatpanel is completely free and non-binding and may be cancelled at any time. As a member you are regularly invited to take part in questionnaires and studies. Membership with Norstatpanel is by invitation only or as part of a special promotion. For reasons of research methodology, we cannot offer membership directly to those interested in participating in Norstatpanel.

About market research

In commercial market research a company wants to test how a new product, concept or advertising material (e.g. TV ads or billboards) is accepted and evaluated by a certain target group.

A further goal is to recognise early trends which can be identified in the opinions, desires and outlook of participants regarding certain market segments. Companies use this information to try and determine the risks and opportunities for the company's success.

The companies which commission us receive exactly the information they need in a relatively short space of time thanks to your participation in our surveys Your opinions form the basis for decisions about new products and strategies, which you will be able to see yourself in future.

About online surveys

At Norstatpanel your answers to our surveys form the data that market researchers can work with.

The data gathered in a market research study are consolidated and saved anonymously by us. Monitoring the time taken to complete the survey and automatic plausibility checks of the answers enable us to filter out unusable data. The results to each question are subsequently consolidated and prepared in graphical form. The findings, which include the answers of all the participants, can finally influence and form the future.

Our surveys deal with evaluating various concepts, likelihood of purchasing new products, etc. It is particularly important that you always only give your honest opinion. There are no correct or incorrect answers. Please take enough time to read the questions carefully before you answer. We cannot evaluate surveys that are answered in too short a time or in which too many answers contradict each other.