Terms and Conditions

1. Registration

Every member may only register once. Norstatpanel checks the information for accuracy. Norstatpanel reserves the right to exclude members from the panel immediately who, on the basis of their registered data, can be clearly identified as duplicates or have provided incorrect information.

2. Membership

Participation in Norstatpanel is by invitation only. Invitations for membership of Norstatpanel are issued by us in a random process specific to market research and are not issued on request. Anyone who is resident in Europe, is 16 years of age or above and has access to the internet may become a member of Norstatpanel. Membership is free and non-binding and may be cancelled at any time. Any personal data held on the member shall be deleted without delay upon cancellation of membership. Members who have not completed a survey for 6 months will be contacted to confirm their continued interest in remaining a member of Norstatpanel. If the member does not react, the membership status will be set to "Inactive" and all Norstat Coins will expire.

3. Surveys

You will be invited to take part in online surveys. The survey invitation will contain information about the type and amount of remuneration you will receive for completing the survey. You have neither a right nor an obligation to participate in a survey. Norstatpanel decides who may take part in which survey, as not all members usually fit specific selection criteria of the target group. Members commit to answering the questions without the influence of others and to the best of their knowledge. We reserve the right to exclude participants from Norstatpanel if they provide false answers or poor quality responses.
The copyright for any survey contents is reserved. Any duplication or use of objects such as images, diagrams, sounds or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the author's agreement.

4. Remuneration and payment

Members receive Norstat Coins as remuneration for taking part in surveys. The remuneration partly depends on the duration of the survey. Norstatpanel only rewards completed surveys. Participants who abort a survey do not receive a reward, as incomplete questionnaires cannot be analysed. The Norstat Coins collected can be redeemed or donated in our shop or you can plant a tree with our partner WeForest. If you cancel your membership, if Norstatpanel has changed your status to "inactive" (see point 2) or if you manipulate the surveys, the Norstat Coins expire with immediate effect. Please note that the reward may be liable for taxation - depending on the amount. Please read up on the tax rules of your residence country.